How a New Antidepressant Drug Can Work

In the 1960s, ketamine was utilized as anesthesia. Ketamine has been used in the Vietnam War due in part to its’ capability of relieving pain in low dosage. The drug has been around a long time. The common practice of prescribing medicine that has been approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for other medical conditions, but the drug is prescribed for medical conditions that have not yet been approved FDA is called off-label. The doctors have been able to prescribe the medicine although a few years ago, ketamine was not approved for the treatment of depression; however, the FDA approved it for other uses. During the time, there was not enough data to show ketamine helped depression. Once it was determined there were some good results of using the drug as an antidepressant, there were more doctors who started prescribing the drug for patients suffering from depression. There are few ways to get the drug into the system. There is hope the drug will help people who suffer from depression. It is also useful for other disorders. All drugs have side effects, but it only when the side effects do not put the patient in any major risk will it be considered a viable option to treat a person.

How to Get the Drug in The Body?

With any ketamine infusion therapy lexington ky it is intended to help patients through their struggle with depression. There are normally two ways the treatments are administered. Each method will be completed under the supervision of a doctor or nurse. When the treatment is administered a person should be prepared to wait around for the drug to take effect. The two primary delivery methods for the drug are:

  • IV
  • nasal spray
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The popular method of taking the drug is the use of an IV. For some who uses an IV, it usually placed by a doctor or nurse. Some practices will have the procedure last nearly 45 minutes, but the time may vary by the practice administering the treatment. The drug can be administered via nasal spray. The nasal spray used to treat depression was approved by the Federal Drug Administration. The approval process was expedited for nasal spray. It is considered one first new drugs to come along in many years to be prescribed to combat the symptoms of depression. FDA makes the suggestion the nasal spray should only be utilized once it is clear the patient has not been successfully treated for depression with other drugs.

Things to Know About the Drug

There are many people who feel the treatment works especially when it is administered via an IV. There have been studies completes to reflect more than 75 percent of the patients who were treated with the therapy, they found the drug effective. The treatments have some side effects as would any drug. It can cause rapid heartbeat and make the patient speak or make sounds with their mouth. The less common side effects a patient might endure are a hallucination and caused the arms and legs to shake. The good done by using the treatment normally occurs when ketamine leaves the body.