Maintaining Independence Health Care Services for Our Elderly Loved Ones

In this day and age with our loved ones living longer and our lives being more active and demanding we may ask ourselves the question, “How do I balance my life and take care of my loved one?” More often than not for those of us with busy lives we struggle with the how to and the what if’s when it comes to caring for a senior. Many of our senior population would love to maintain their independence and dignity as long as possible and remain living in their own home. Thankfully we have options , there are many elderly home care palatine il places on line.

First, we need to understand the purpose of in-home care. In home care is a service that allows our senior population to remain living in their own home where comfort and familiarity exist versus residing in an assisted living facility or nursing home. One specific quality that shows a candidate meets the guidelines of in-home care is someone who is able to do many of their daily living tasks, however, is unable to complete more difficult tasks they were once able to complete due to multiple factors. Some factors include but not limited to lifting, such as shoveling snow, carrying a basket full of laundry, or moving furniture. In addition, personal care and hygiene may become a concern as slips and falls in the shower and bathtub become more likely as we age. These are just a few examples of in-home care and how it could be of a benefit to your loved one.

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We covered the understanding of in home care and we understand it is a service implemented for our loved one to remain comfortably in their own home and as independent as possible. But, how does it assist you as a care giver

First and foremost this service allows you, whether the spouse or child of this individual, another family member, or just a close friend the opportunity to have an additional caregiver to support your loved one when you are unable to do so, such as when you are at work, on vacation, or out for the evening. It is very difficult mentally and physically for caregivers, especially children of those in need of the support and service to provide the necessary care 100% of the time. As a caregiver it is important that we take time for ourselves otherwise we could overwhelm very quickly. It is very difficult for a child even in adult stages to reverse roles with a parent, patience is extremely important and is a must when caring for an elderly loved one, especially a parent, in home serviced will afford you this opportunity.

After outlining some of the reasons and qualities of a potential candidate regarding in home services for an elderly loved one, I hope you find this service beneficial to you and your loved one. Having a plan in place, additional support, and care from a qualified individual is a key component to managing the health and safety of your loved one as well as yourself.